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Kelley Brothers LC resolves issues with Indoor Air Quality with proven strategies and targeted equipment. Our factory authorized technicians provide accurate assessment of your residential or commercial space and develop an effective plan for immediate and long-term improvement. Through innovative, quiet, and low-maintenance technology, we ensure a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment. Get in touch with Kelley Brothers LC at (734) 743-1993 or fill out a contact form for skilled and affordable service across Livonia, MI and surrounding areas

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Consider the many benefits of a whole-home air purification system. This specialized technology takes advantage of electrically charged filters to both trap and kill harmful allergens and pathogens. Pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, molds spores, bacteria, virus, smoke, fumes, and a long list of contaminants don’t stand a chance. Silently cleaning the air multiple times per hour, air purifiers not only improve the health, smell, and cleanliness of the indoor space, but promote superior HVAC operation and longevity as well.

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Kelley Brothers LC answers issues with insufficient or excessive humidity throughout the greater Detroit area, including Plymouth, Westland, Livonia, Northville, Garden City, and Farmington, MI. Too much or too little moisture in the air causes discomfort, health hazards, damage to home furnishings, and leads to overuse of heating and cooling equipment and higher utility bills. Whole-home dehumidifiers or humidifiers incorporate into the existing HVAC system, operate noiselessly, require minimal upkeep, and pay for themselves. You’ll feel better, sleep better, breathe easier, trim energy costs, and lessen the workload of heating/cooling equipment.

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