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Kelley Brothers LC provides professional duct sealing throughout Livonia, MI and surrounding areas. We combine industry-leading technology and proven procedures to restore peak operation without damage to the ducts. The process is non-invasive, leaves behind no residue, and is always completed quickly. Call us at (734) 743-1993 or fill out a convenient contact form to take advantage of prompt response and unwavering professionalism. With 25 years of experience, our fully licensed, uniformed, and factory authorized technicians serve your best interests.

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While it can be tempting to neglect ductwork, this network of pipes directly impacts indoor air quality, comfort, and the performance HVAC equipment. Even minor holes or leaks at the seams allow conditioned air to escape and draw in outside air. We’ve found that the majority of homes sacrifice 30% of heating/cooling energy to flaws in the duct system. Kelley Brothers LC inspects the duct system, offers honest recommendations, and delivers satisfaction throughout the greater Detroit area, including Plymouth, Westland, Livonia, Northville, Garden City, and Farmington, MI.

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