Fall Consumer Tips: Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home

It’ll be winter soon in Southeast Michigan, and residents are getting out their fall home maintenance checklists and beginning to prepare for the cold weather. If you’re looking for ways to improve energy efficiency while maintaining a high level of comfort this winter, these essential tasks should be at the top of your fall list of things to do.


Maintain the HVAC System

The best way to reduce heating bills is to keep the furnace or heat pump in top working order.

  • Schedule preventive maintenance before you need to turn on the heating system. An annual tune-up will improve efficiency, help prevent breakdowns and extend the life of the system.
  • Stock up on air filters. Inspect the air filter each month and replace it when it’s clogged with dust. A clean air filter helps to ensure proper airflow and good indoor air quality and prevents dust buildup inside the system.
  • Seal loose joints in the ductwork to prevent air loss, and insulate ducts in cold spaces to keep the air inside warm as it moves through.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to help you save money and manage the temperature of your house when you’re at work, sleeping or at home.
  • Reverse the direction of ceiling fans to push warm air near the ceiling downward and distribute it throughout your rooms.


Seal and Insulate

An efficient heating system will use more energy than it should if you have air leaks or inadequate insulation in your home.

  • Stop air leaks with caulk and weatherstripping. Seal around windows, doors, service entrances, pipes and vents.
  • Install door sweeps on exterior doors.
  • Seal baseboards and recessed lighting fixtures with caulk.
  • Install insulating gaskets behind light switch plates and outlet covers on exterior walls.
  • Shore up attic insulation to 12 to 15 inches of batts rated R-38 or higher to keep your home warmer and prevent ice dams.

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(Source: Fall Home Maintenance Tasks to Improve Energy Savings, R.H. Witt)
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