Important Tips for Hiring a Generator Installer

After purchasing a generator, many homeowners are tempted to try DIY installation in order to save time and money. Unfortunately, generator installation is not easy. There are many technical measures and safety considerations involved, so it’s best to leave installation to the professionals. In most cases, your qualified generator distributor can assist you with installation, and their expertise ensures your family’s safety when it’s time to use your appliance.  Also, most municipalities require zoning, fire, electrical, plumbing, and building permits, as well as technical drawings, before any part of the installation can take place.

Remember the following tips as you prepare to hire a Michigan standby generator installer:

  • Understand the safety concerns.  Standby generator installation is not a fast, simple task. Fuel and electrical connections must be properly addressed so that leaky fuel lines do not cause an explosion. Your installer should also evaluate peak load demands to ensure safe load transfer, and place the generator in a place that meets local code requirements.


  • Research the warranty coverage. To validate your generator’s manufacturer warranty, it must typically be installed and maintained by a qualified Michigan electrician. In addition, your electrical contractor should provide you with a comprehensive warranty for workmanship. Beware of contractors who are unwilling to provide this! At Kelley Brothers we are concerned about your long-term satisfaction—so we back all installations with comprehensive warranty coverage.


  • Remember that company longevity and expertise are critical. If a cheap, fly-by-night contractor improperly installs your generator, it is a performance and safety concern. Before choosing a generator installer, consider professional affiliations, licensing and customer testimonials. Ask your installer to provide you with a list of references, and contact a few of them to get their opinion about the company. Our company has operated for over two decades, and is proud to boast a legacy of satisfied customers.


  • Inquire about future generator service. After installing your generator, it must be maintained on a regular basis and repaired as needed. Before choosing a standby generator installer, make sure the company will provide these offerings. Many companies offer turn-key generator sales and installation, so your experience is seamless and easy.


Most Southeast Michigan home and business owners purchase standby generators to ensure peace of mind during storms, outages and other disasters. Unfortunately, improper installation could compromise the wellbeing and safety of occupants—and the performance of your standby generator unit. Trust the team at Kelley Brothers to install and service your generator so it is a trusted solution for years to come.

To inquire about our inventory of Generac and Cummins generators, or to speak with a Kelley Brothers team member about your generator installation needs, contact us today!



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