Benefits from Having a Zoning System in Your Home

With extreme heat and humidity in the summer and subzero winter temperatures, Southeast Michigan homeowners need an HVAC system that is efficient and effective. A zoning system benefits your home’s comfort as well as reduces your energy costs. In this article, we’ll define zoning, then look at available zoning system benefits.


What Is Zoning?

Traditional HVAC systems employ one thermostat in a doomed effort to achieve a uniform temperature throughout the house. Unfortunately, this process hardly ever works, since all but the smallest homes have rooms affected by different climate conditions, whether it’s upper floors that are warmer than lower ones, or rooms exposed to afternoon sunlight being warmer than interior rooms. Even add-on rooms built with different materials may experience different temperature needs than older rooms in a house.

Any system with just one thermostat will be limited by the temperature conditions in the room where the thermostat is installed. If the other rooms or floors have different characteristics, which is usually the case, then your home will have hot and cold spots, along with discomfort and wasted energy.

A zoning system benefits homeowners by allowing them to control the heating and cooling for various areas of their home independently. Rather than setting the temperature for the entire home, the temperature of each area can be customized to the needs of the home and its residents. For example, if rooms upstairs are only used in the evenings, the system can cool the downstairs without expending the energy necessary to cool the entire home.


Other Zoning System Benefits

There are many zoning system benefits when compared to a traditional HVAC system:

  • Overall indoor air comfort is increased – Chances are, the members of a household feel comfortable at different temperatures. With a zoned HVAC system, one member of the home can raise, or lower, the temperature in his or her room without affecting the other family members.
  • Increased energy efficiency – The efficiency gained by not heating or cooling the entire house results in a significant reduction in utility expenses. An efficient, well-designed zoning system can reduce energy costs by as much as 30 percent.
  • Flexibility and control is increased – Having the flexibility to customize the temperature of various areas of the home gives homeowners greater control of their indoor air comfort.
  • Extended HVAC system life – Because the HVAC is not required to move air through the entire home at all times, the system receives less wear and tear, resulting in a longer life and fewer repair costs.


What Types of Homes Experience Zoned System Benefits?

Homes with one or more of the following can reap the benefits from using a zoning system:

  • Multiple levels
  • Rooms with large windows or entire walls of windows
  • Additions over garages or built over concrete slabs
  • Large floor plans
  • Finished rooms in the basement or attic
  • Large families whose members tend to disagree over what’s a comfortable temperature
  • Homes with many unused rooms


How Zoning Works

Installing a zone-controlled HVAC system allows homeowners to control heating and cooling for the different areas of the home. Multiple thermostats allow homeowners to direct heated and cooled air where they need it when they need it. The thermostats communicate with the zoning system, which opens and closes dampers that are installed in the home’s ductwork. This both creates efficiency within the system and increases comfort. Additionally, there is less wear and tear on the HVAC system as it’s not required to circulate air through the entire home at all times.

There are numerous options for zoning systems available to address the specific needs of your home. For homes of 2,000 square feet or less, a three-zone system may be the right fit. Larger homes may require additional zones for optimal efficiency and comfort. To find out what type of system can best address the unique needs of your home, contact an HVAC professional from Kelley Brothers.

For additional information on how installing a zoning system benefits your indoor air comfort and your home’s energy efficiency, please contact us at Kelley Brothers today. We have proudly served Livonia and the surrounding areas since 1999.



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